opportunities-book-cover-sm.jpg Tower Renewal Opportunities Book

Edited by ERA Architects, theTower Renewal Opportunities Book compiles research conducted over the past several years by the University of Toronto and E.R.A. Architects. The Opportunities book examines the origin of Toronto’s modern planned apartment communities, and their future potential in a green and equitable city.


The Opportunities Book recieved a National Urban Design Award in 2010, and a Toronto Urban Design Award in 2009.


The book is divided into ten sections available for download:


City of Towers

Mapping Tower Renewal, Part 1

Current Challenges

Modern Tower Blocks and Apartment Neighbourhoods:
Toronto’s Urban Asset

Looking Internationally: Aging Tower Blocks
in the 21st Century

Vibrant Neighbourhoods and a Sustainable City: The Opportunities
of Mayor’s Tower Renewal

Mapping Tower Renewal, Part 2

Mayor’s Tower Renewal

Acknowledgements, Credits and Consultation

Key research includes an analysis of the historical framework of tower development in Toronto and their future potential related to community development and sustainable growth in the Toronto region, as well as a survey of Tower Block renewal efforts internationally by Graeme Stewart; building science techniques developed by University of Toronto Professors Ted Kesik and Ivan Saleff at the Daniels Faculty of Architecture, Landscape and Design at the University of Toronto; new income distribution research by Professor David Hulchanski at the department of Geography, and more.